Dog Sitting


Adjusting to a new routine and environment whilst in kennels or boarding can be traumatic for some dogs. Dog sitting is different. Your dog will be able to stay in the comfort of his own home as I will move into your house for the duration of your break. I’ll also follow his normal routine as closely as possible including feeding and walking times. This will help to ensure that your dog experiences minimal disruption and dog sitting can be the most stress-free option for sensitive and timid dogs.

Another benefit of dog sitting is that your home won’t be left empty whilst you’re away. I’ll be sleeping there at night and popping in and out throughout the day so your home will be well looked after too. And, depending on how homesick you’re feeling, you can choose to have as many, or as few updates as you like.

One Night
5pm – 9am £40
An earlier start on the first day: £20 – £30
A later finish on the last day: £20 – £30

Two Nights or More
5pm start on the first day and 9am finish on the last day: £40 a night
An earlier start on the first day: £20 – £30
A later finish on the last day: £20 – £30

Please note that additional charges may apply to households of two dogs or more and for bookings over Bank Holidays.

Next Steps…
Unfortunately, due to limited availability dog sitting services are only available to current clients. Please contact me for more information.