Whether you work full time and need a little help with dog walking, or are about to go on holiday and need someone to look after your pets whilst you’re away, Sheffield Pet Care can help! I am based in Hillsborough and I currently walk dogs in Walkley, Crosspool and Hillsborough.

Here is the standard range of services I offer. If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed, why not get in touch to see how I can tailor a service to meet any specific requirements?

Dog Walking

If you work full-time chances are that your dogs are going to be left home alone for much of the day. Having a dog walker can reduce boredom and stress levels, help with separation anxiety, provide much-needed toilet breaks and ensure your dog is well exercised.

Here in Sheffield we are lucky to have a wide range of lovely parks, woods and green spaces to walk our dogs. I use a variety of places and tend to base my choice on the weather, timings and convenience. But, let me know if you have any preferences.

On-lead? Off-lead? You decide! If you’d like your dog to be off-lead, I’ll ask you to fill a consent form in for my records. Please note that I will only ever let a dog off-lead once I am confident that I’ve established good recall with your dog.

Once back at home, I’ll do my best to clean off any mucky paws and fur (please leave towels out for me) and I’ll freshen up the water bowls.

Group Dog Walks

are perfect for the social butterflies of the canine world. Not only will your dog be well exercised he’ll be able to make new friends and catch up on all the gossip. And, because your dog’s safety is key, I won’t ever walk more than 4 dogs together at any one time and I’ll carefully pair dogs together.

Group Walk – 30 mins £7
(Plus extra dog from same household) £11
Group Walk – 1 hour £10
(Plus extra dog from same household) £15

Contact me for more information.

One-On-One Walks

Maybe your dog is a little too excitable around other dogs, or maybe he would benefit from some one-on-one attention. No matter what the reason, one-on-one walks are great for anyone who’d rather their dog didn’t socialise closely with others. Note that there is the option to add another dog from the same household but the walk would still be charged as a one-on-one walk.

One-On-One Walk – 30 mins £10
(Plus extra dog from same household) £15
One-On-One Walk – 1 hour £15
(Plus extra dog from same household) £20

Contact me for more information.

Pet Sitting/Cat Sitting

Going away and need someone to look after your small pet or cat? I can pop in once or twice a day for feeding and to check that everything’s ok. I can even water your plants and open/close curtains too if you like.

2 x 15 mins in one day £12
20 min visit £8
30 min visit £10
1 hour visit £15

Contact me for more information.

Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits are great if your dog needs a little extra TLC. Whether you have a puppy or an elderly dog who needs more frequent toilet breaks, or a poorly pooch who needs a little more company throughout the day, this service is very popular with a range of dog owners.

2 x 15 mins in one day £12
20 min visit £8
30 min visit £10
1 hour visit £15

Contact me for more information.

Dog Sitting

If you’re going away without your dog but don’t want to send him to boarding kennels, take a look at my dog sitting service. This is the most stress-free option for most dog owners as your dog stays in his own home. Rather than take the dog in and board him in my home, I will stay in your house whilst you’re away. This way your dog experiences minimal disruption as he will still have his home comforts and his usual routine. It also means that you have someone staying in and looking after your home whilst you are away. What’s more, up to two walks a day are included in the price!

One dog, including two half hour walks, from £40 per day, or £60 for one night only bookings.
(Plus extra dog from same household) £5 per extra dog, per day

Contact me for more information.

Applicable to all services.
Weekends and Bank Holidays incur additional charges.

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